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PESHK (2020)


Verse 1

Town Mayors 

Come and go 

one after the other two after two 

Right, next one will be different!… Awesome! 

Verse 2 

City choked in cement Who needs trees nowadays 

Perverted fantasy Has found it’s place to settle! 


Needs Tirana, needs tirana needs Tirana more cement 

Building spectacles so problems are forgotten 

Says no Tirana , Says no Tirana Says no Tirana to DON TIRON 

More and more people decieved don’t fall asleep 

open your eyes!

Verse 3


Open - open - open your eyes 

Lift your neck, to not drown 

Afterwards we’ll celebrate 

Don’t even ask how! Don’t even ask how!

2. SUN 

Verse 1

Don’t dissapear when the sun is gone 

,Cos‘ tomorrow will bring it back to you 

Dark days arent’t everything that's left 

Believe in love and the glass of wine next to you!

Verse 1 

Life has ups and downs 

like a broken record needle over the grooves 

Round round and round (wawawawa) 

till the sun keeps shinning!


Think of life as laughter, tra - la -la 

Ignore the words of others bla bla bla 

And when you realise how short life is )uo uo uo uo

Kiss the sun and become fire!

Verse 3

Don’t burn out because there’s nothing worse 

today's a grey day, tomorrow with sun!


Verse 1

Aren’t we humans strong eh 

to endure such pain, a heavy price to pay 

In this new world, 

his back has been battered from the everyday whips is taught to just say YES 

A ja ja ja WHY’S IT LIKE THIS? 


Noooooooo WHY’S IT LIKE THIS? 

Verse 2

Aren’t we humans strong eh 

to endure such pain, a heavy price to pay…..! 



Verse 1


A new day born out of depressions 

there’s no excitment, fear of falling cos you’ll fall 

and not wake up, sleep, sleep, sleep ...

Verse 2 

... you’ll sleep forever you ain’t waking up, 

and dreams will die and rot next to drawers with cob webs, 

mixing up with red wine scent spilled all over!


Grab life and live Grab life by it’s throat and live! 

Verse 3 

Best to take it easy 

No complications 

love and have fun 

…till you’re tired and then laugh, laugh, laugh and just laugh 

Grab life by it’s throat and live Grab life by it’s throat and live, live, live! Li-Ve! 


Verse 1 

It all started like a game, and you never know when it ends 

in an old bar of the city of noise and life 

bodies badly tangled in chaos 

and here we are born out of that chaos 

Verse 2

I come from the far away place, the sun as their symbol 

the same sun still here with us 

a sun which burns even during the night chaotic 

air in the dull air 


Chaos, chaos in the dull air 

chaos in the sun belonging to us 


O O How nice it is in the chaos 

fun, fun, so much fun without words 

It’s so nice in this place 

Where the sun hugs the chaos 

Verse 3

It hugs, hugs, hugs cos it loves it so much 

and later everyone is lost in their own chaos 

so much chaos in this world, so nice, so good 

no two chaos' are alike!


Verse 1

Once upon the time, there was a nation 

From it's own darkness had fallen asleep 

From this lethargic sleep he wakes up 

slowly facing the west 

Verse 2

Waking up is difficult 

Time is needed for the eyes to open wide 

Eyes behind shades in the morning 

Nothing else just to PARTY, Hey! 


Fiesta-Fiesta Everybody Fiesta

Fiesta with „meze and raki“ 

come on HOPA - RIBI - DIBI _DOPA 

Tomorrow will be a better day 

Verse 3

And the eyes they hurt, hurt 

they hurt, hurt not used to this awaking!

7. Light

Verse 1

A never ending painting 

Alive and dazzling bright 

Brighter than the sun 

Makes the eyes burn!

Verse 2

A colour which can’t be 

mixed Ruined 

if you do Diluted in the fragile mornings full of fresh aromas 


There where the clouds open 

light bursts out 

instead of blood just light ... and i say...


Light, light, light!

Blinding morning lights 

Light over the lost city 

Light, light, light 

Where the darkness kisses the day 

Light like in a dream 

The light that is you! 

Verse 3

And darkness starts to fall 

under the monotonous blues 

The last drop of light 

Pinches the sun set!

Verse 4

And in silence you’ll turn 

into a fairy 

Until tomorrow, 

which brings a new day! 

And the clouds will open 

and light will burst out instead of blood!

8. FISH 

Verse 1

The Idealist 

his time has been and gone, 

but still he roams 

around the drawers full of dreams 

in the cold endless winter, they vegetate 

Verse 2 

... and he walks (walks walks walks) 

on the street with no rules, 

as if from a different planet, 

from year „one“ 

against everything 

Like a fish towards bear’s mouth he swims 


A rebel in the underwater love (E water, water, water…) 

Rebel here, rebel there 

and like a fish 

nothing else but 

to breathe and swim my way! (plluc pllac) 

Verse 3

And I roam 

free in rivers and seas, born free, 

is all I know 


his time has been and gone, 

but still around 

the draws full of dreams 

in the cold endless winter, in vegetative state!

9. Nächste Woche zahl ich garantiert 

Verse 1

Rein in die Bank, das Geld geschnappt

Geiseln werden nicht gemacht.

Den Helden hab’ ich gleich ertappt.

Gespannter Hahn, der Schuss – er kracht.

Mein Gangsterherz – es lacht.

Verse 2

Er bricht zusammen, fällt auf’s Knie.

Solche Schnösel mocht’ ich nie.

Stille im Saal, nur stummer Schrei.

Auch die Sekunde geht vorbei.

Gleich kommt die große Heulerei. 


Nächste Woche zahl ich garantiert.

Miete, Strom und Alimente,

Gläubiger und etwas Rente

- ich höre die Polente.

Verse 3  

Ich schnapp’ den Zaster, renne weg,

spring ins Auto, steig aufs Gas.

Baby sagt, es hat kein Zweck,

und sie dacht, ich mach nur Spaß,

schreit mich an – das war’s.

Verse 4

Tret’ auf die Bremse möchte reden.

Wir wollten mit dem Geld nach Schweden.

Doch am Fenster klebt ihr Kopf,

blutrot tropft der blonde Zopf-

Was bin ich ein armer Tropf

Verse 5

Spring aus dem Auto, renn davon,

die Beute an den Leib gepresst.

Vielleicht zu Fuss nach Lissabon,

ans blaue Meer, wo keiner stresst.

Ich wünsche allen hier die Pest.

Verse 6

Vor mir den Abgrund seh’ ich nicht. 

Der Beutesack versperrt die Sicht.

Ich höre den Pistolenknall,

die Lunge brennt, dann freier Fall.

Von meinem Mantra schallt der Hall.

Alles hat ein mal ein Ende!


Verse 1

Alone on the street corner 

„vergessen und arbeitsloss“ 

with empty pockets, full of hope 

„hin und her sinnlos“!


Urban life Mundane life! Dishonest life! 

„Träum weiter, weiter, weiter“ for a better life, 

just to have a bit light! 


Let him have aaaaaaa a little a bit of light!

Verse 2

There’re still places where the vote is bought 

two thousand and fifteen (THE YEAR) 

Dirty politics 

that robs you blind, with nothing left! 


Urban life Mundane fake life 

just for a bit of light!


Verse 1

Don’t rob the people 

you’ll get destroyed 

your head on a plate 

just like the ones before you 

Verse 2

This greed is killing us 

Fingers left in others pockets 

and we tell ourselves 

Proper smart!

Verse 3

It’s true 

we've not seen much till yesterday

and now that we want to see, perfect.

Fighting us with fire! 

Verse 4

Lies in front of our eyes 

words, words, words 

never ending 

bullshit filthy rich every where!


Get up and raise your voice as much as you can 

you’ll only live once 

Don’t forget where you came from 

( yeah you, where you from) 

Don’t forget who you are! you are, you are, you are! 

Look towards the sun, 

as the darkness has gone 

Times have changed, 

no more proper smart!

Verse 5 

Don’t get fooled 

from the propaganda perfect, 

this capitalism 

will screw you over it’s the same, 

it’s the same, 

they’re the same 

A wolf can dress as sheep but will always be a wolf!


Verse 1

To hold out the hand 

ain’t something new 

It’s better to not steal 

It’s better to not have!

Verse 2

Even though no sun 

There under the bridge 

You still have hope 

the one that dies last!


And the sun rises 

and it warms the feet 

With the hope that 

one day you’ll be somebody!


It’s better not to have, to not have ( havex4) 

Than to have, than to be a snob! 

It’s better to not have 

Than to be a snob!

Verse 3

To hold out the hand 

ain’t something new 

It’s better to not steal 

It’s better to not have!


Verse 1

Weather is shit 

and when it worsens, can’t get it fixed! 

Days go by 

like a train with no stops!

Verse 2

Forgotten by the sun 

Showing us it's back 

Soon it will be dark 

in this absurd monstrosity! 


Hey hey how sad 

when the time quickly ends 

hey how sad, 

that we can’t stop it 

hey how sad, 

when we get abandoned 

hey how sad 

when the rock n roll is DEAD! 

Verse 3

Drained people 

robots of the TODAY 

running with no address 

from 5 till 5 Days 

turn to night and night, turns to what? except the Mornings! 

Hey how pretty, also how ugly!


Verse 1

Another day crossed off, from the endless calendar 

A piece of life dies, a full 24 hrs 

I need to get a motionless calendar 

and a clock where the hands stop on a sunny day!

Verse 2

A dream, a dream, a bad dream, or maybe good, 

It’s gotta be bad, as it’s ruining my sleep 

Got a bad headache, thoughts have become a mess 

from the night just leaving, and the day to come!


A step forward, or backwards on the path of life 

No matter how hard, you have to live it 

it goes away to never come back, a fact we know but we're still victims 

of the path of life’s idleness!

Verse 3

Hej get up, hej wake up

from the lethargic sleep that has captivated you and made you numb,

that has captivated you and made you numb!


Verse 1

Str. There are a thousand gods and one divinity 

A heaven full of greed in exchange for a little happiness!


Don’t destroy the free soul 

With the gifted poison 

Just follow your dream path! 

Verse 2

Str. The poison is being drank like water and in this era 

you choose your own beliefs & gods!


Verse 1

I’m a vagabond on this path 

I’ve chosen Downhill upwards it is, 

this fucked up path!

Verse 2

A path with potholes, if you fall you’re stuck 

But still need to go on!


Walk - walk - walk as you won’t get stuck 

Run, run , run, at lightning speed 

ain’t stopping, ain’t stopping 

No matter how tough! 

Verse 3

I’m a vagabond on this path 

I’ve chosen Downhill upwards it is, 

this fucked up path!

17. HOT

Verse 1 

It’s summer 

It’s boiling hot, 

So hot 

Couldn’t be worse! 

Verse 2

The city 

is boiling from the tar 

People curled up 

in the shade, under the trees! 


It’s hot, it’s hot 

so even the sky is sweating 

it’s hot, it’s hot 

no more rain for a long time coming 

and when autumn comes knocking we’ll meet again!

Verse 3

It’s hot 

it’s super hot 

I’m gonna get lost far away! 

I’m going , who knows we might meet again 

…and when autumn comes knocking 

we’ll meet again!

Export-Import 2014


1. Reggaeton man


Vs. 1

The day starts with a crawl
Swollen eyes hurt by the light
The calendar shows Friday 13th
A bad omen is in store!

Vs. 2

Superstitious as there’s no work,
Waiting for things to fall from the sky!
Rrake-Tak… this reality,
That swears each day by the same devil!


Vaj, vaj, vaj, vaj
vaj, for the times that make us thick!
vaj, vaj, vaj, vaj, vaj, vaj, vaj!



Reggaeton, reggaeton, reggaeton, reggaeton, reggaeton, reggaeton man,
reggaeton, reggaeton, reggaeton, reggaeton of the new century!
Rrak e tak, Rrak e tak, Rrak e tak, Rrak e tak, Rrak e tak, like a robot,
Do not listen to the devil that deceives each day!


Vs. 3

It is time for me to swallow like a giant
Those above you, let them drink
And your cup has been spilled
And you do nothing, but just sit!






2. Life of a dog



A dog’s life it is, day in and day out
My life, a hairy dog, or so it turns out
A soul’s highway that knows no end
I can only love it more, from start to end!

I am just a bad poet of myself
No words to depict you as you are
A broken glass of wine for a companion
The place to get lost and forsaken!



A faithful dog to this path I will remain
A tough one, but beautiful all the same
In your asphalt I wallow to the end of time
After I can be said to have lost my mind!



Don’t dwindle man, catch the moment
For you will never find another
Eat, drink, get drunk and make love
Or else you have accomplished nothing!









3. Game


Game, game, game, I do not like to play,
And though a gambler I am
I prefer to listen a thousand times
And win in the end!


Way to expensive, exuberant prices,
The folks have been forsaken!
I don't like to joke this way!
I don’t have the time, I am too late!



This instinct to play,
This life’s philosophy,
It turns out that everything,
Is well calculated!




Game, game, game, I do not like to play,
And though a gambler I am
I prefer to listen a thousand times
And win in the end!






4. Smog



Smog and filthy luxury,
The cars multiply
Gone are the days of
Walkers and bikers!
One cannot breathe in peace
The dust erodes
And destroys
It is the dust of dirty politics!



Smog, smog, smog, please protect us!
We are victims of the smile you offer!
And do not pretend you are not watching,
While we stand here you keep destroying!



Our screams
Cannot be heard!
She disappears among

We want no smog!!!









5. Shesh - Besh



Cruel days of the times gone by,
A wind of change with no direction,
A revolution with many thoughts,
And chaos today needs a remedy!



Do not play Shesh - Besh,
It is the worst,
An old offspring
Of the nameless system!



Cruel days of the time’s gone by,
When the only game was Shesh - Besh!
Shesh - Besh!










6. Clouds (Tribute to Django Reinhardt)



The world is clouds,
The world is fog,
It needs light,
To brighten everything!
"Nuages baby, nuages!"
An old friend said!
Two notes on the guitar,
That have disappeared in the clouds!



Accidents and unfortunate fates,
Buried in the ground,
For a cloudy weather, for a cloudy weather,
Indeed, it is not worth (a) living!



We live the day in pain
Yesterday was not in vain
We live half asleep
Under the neon sky...!








7. Misfortune (even the cigarette has gone out, PU!)



God damn Tuesday
And Friday the 13th
An Old fashioned complex,
that won’t just fuck off!


Misfortune never stops, or does it?
Simply rubbish philosophy!
Selfish old bug,
But in the end you’ll be able to control it!


the cigarette’s gone out, pu!
the cigarette’s gone out, pu!
When it’s all fucked
Even the cigarette goes out, pu!



Damn you unlucky days,
Especially when someone goes, “good luck!”
He! Mucha mierda &
Good luck!

Paç fat!!!




8. Export-Import!

Vs. 1

Export - Import!
Customs packed
And caterpillars enduring the sun
With their pockets full!

Strange cars
Corrupted to their tires,
A few chiefmen and chiefwomen
Who deny their identities!

Export - Import!
Tobacco sold in vain,
Poor people,
By taxes are drained!

Marlboro, Lucky Strike,
... and what not,
The language spoken
I call "customs"!



Little, way too little
Is left for pension
An anonymous with a name
That only devours pension!


Vs. 2

Export - Import!
Customs packed
And caterpillars enduring the sun
Will their pockets full!

Queues in the sun,
For there’s little shade
People in stress
But for a few worms it is bliss!




9. Enough is enough!


Vs. 1
Too much injustice
All day long, all night long
And even at the dawn!
A monotony
Of news, dailies
And TV stations!


Vs. 2
The radio is no longer in fashion,
Rather, a book with no illustrations
It no longer matters!
High-flying lies,
That shower from "above"
Like hail and rain!



Enough, enough, enough,
For this stinks!
And it has an awful, awful smell!
Enough, enough, enough,
For this stinks!
And it has an awful, awful smell!


Str. 3
For getting rich
And wealthy!
Down there below,
Do not forget, you dog,
That people want to survive!













10. Interlude ...
(Double Bass Solo)




















11. I've never seen my baby on the run!



I've never seen my baby on the run,
I've never seen my baby on the run,
I've never seen my baby on the run,
she's here with me!



She wakes in the morning with a fresh face,
She wakes in the morning with a fresh face,
She wakes in the morning with a fresh face,
And laughs the whole day!



I've never seen my baby on the run,
I've never seen my baby on the run,
I've never seen my baby on the run,
she's here with me!







12. Life at 4 o’clock in the morning


Str. 1

Life is one word with 4 letters, that eats you for dinner
You wake up “cool” and then deteriorate
A dining table full of pain always ready
Made to eat, drink and fall in love!

Str. 2

Fill up my glass, so I can drink and get pissed
The glass knows life better than I do
I’m gonna have a fight with your letters
And smash a guitar on their heads!



But you need to live, live, and I don’t know what
There is no other solution
That’s what you always think when you’ve sobered up
Reality check, there is nothing better than “TOMORROW!”
So live, live and I don’t know what
There is no other solution
Reality check
There is nothing better than “TOMORROW!”


Str. 3

Lost in your blood drinking veins
Knackered until a new dawn, again!
I can’t tell you: NO! - it’s all worth it, and I know it
I can’t tell you: NO! – looks like, we’ll be together!






13. At the circus



We love going to the circus
But not adopting it as a lifestyle
Why is that so?
There is nothing wrong with it!
A moment of magic or silliness
Nothing beats it, man.
At the circus, animals and men are one
men and animals are one!



At the circus, at the circus
There’s danger too
Should you ever fall
No need to worry at all!



So buy a ticket,
To keep for the rest of your life,
Or else you’ll be a victim,
And there’s no way out for you!



At the circus, at the circus
There’s danger too
Should you ever fall ...




14*. The Witch

Str. 1
The Witch
She is the witch
That tricks you with words
And bewilders with tits!
She reads out your hand
What the future holds
To believe in dreams
To reveal the secret!
Lost in the magic of the crystal ball
Cries with you , pats you on the back
It first shakes you and than your pockets
You’re the play and you’re the audience!

The witch!
The witch!
The witch!

Str. 2
The witch
She’s the witch
With a coffee cup
And a glittery skirt!
Staring at my crazy luck
My jaw dropping
I’m Speechless!
You have a long journey ahead - she says
Full of adventures
Two snakes at the turn
One kindness at the bridge
A news in three days
Will change your life
If you want it today

The witch!
Get your wallet out again!
- said The witch
Get your wallet out again
- said the witch
The witch!
The witch!





15. Decibel in stratosphere


Vs. 1

Tired ears every day,
Loud noise in the streets!
No, there’s no god to stop that,
Far too late for silence!

Vs. 2

This capitalism laughs,
drooling from petrol!
Ironically, “to be modern”
‚till then sure as fuck your ears have had enough as well!



Decibel in stratosphere
A miserable system!
Guilt, guilt, guilt, guilt, too much guilt
We are guilty just as well!


Vs. 3

Share! Think! or you’ve had it,
Eardrum’s ready to explode
Just grab that bicycle with its bell
And you’ll never feel restrained!






16. The World is shit



The world is shit!
A big smelly shit
North, South, East and West
It stinks, you can’t get away from it!

Filthy people
Can’t trust anyone
Soon as your head’s out, they are ready to kick it
The world is shit!



This big shit ain’t gonna last
Cause of price tagging everything
Who ain’t smart enough will fall in
No one’s bothered to get you out!



The world is shit!
A big smelly shit
North, South, East and West
It stinks, you can’t get away from it!


„Orges & The Ockus - Rockus Band“

CD: Export-Import!
Music & Lyrics: Orges Toçe
Except 14*, Lyrics: Herion Mustafaraj
Translated @ English: Zero Zero Genti / Brighton (England) 2014
All Rights Reserved © 2014 Toçe Records